The first generation of security
management systems


Integrating shell of the complex security system of large, medium and small objects.
Provides collection, processing and storage of information from various security subsystems:
security and fire alarm, access control and video surveillance, etc.


Flexible configuration

The kernel of the software allows you to flexibly configure the systems, to form any complexity scenarios for responding to events and algorithms for data collection and processing.


In SW-based systems, it is also easy to increase the number of parameters (the number of workstations, the number of protected objects, the number of subsystems and nodes), and qualitatives (logic of node interaction, subsystem functionality).


The system quickly processes large volumes of information both in normal mode and at peak loads and has the function of reserving data arrays and reserving a central server.

Monitoring of distributed systems

Remote monitoring and control of objects from anywhere in the world. Interaction of the system nodes and data transmission (including video streams) is carried out via any communication channels (LAN, WAN, Dial-Up).


Security Wizard consistently solves the complex tasks of integration and management of enterprise security systems:

  • Configuring the equipment;
  • Database management;
  • Management of security subsystems;
  • Collection, processing and analysis of information;
  • Providing user interfaces;
  • Protection of information and sharing the access to it;
  • Integration with enterprise management systems.


Using the Security Wizard as an integration platform for security systems allows you to solve a wide range of tasks:


  • Obtaining data on the movements of employees and visitors on the site.
  • Automated accounting of working hours.
  • Delineation of access levels in various rooms of objects, allocation of regime zones.
  • Flexible system of sliding and multi-shift work schedules.
  • Multilevel control and accounting of movement of transport, export / import of products to the facility.
  • Electronic format for the issuing work office / seizure of all passes.


  • Determination of the location and security of material values.
  • Video patrolling of the premises and perimeter of the protected area with the possibility of subsequent data analysis based on the video archive.
  • Remote video monitoring of objects on any available communication channels.


  • Detection of attempts to penetrate the protected areas of the facility, areas of fire.
  • Operational notification of security personnel and coordination of their actions.


  • Different algorithms for the operation of systems when signals and alarms are received from security and fire alarm systems: the inclusion of cameras and recording, locking / unlocking doors, the inclusion of fire extinguishing systems, sirens, etc.
  • Complex automated analysis of data on the events of the whole complex, including comparative analysis of the indications of different systems for selected events, etc. (for example, video surveillance, security alarm and access control systems).


Excluded duplication of data, application compatibility, distribution of hardware resources.

Independence from the developer is ensured: The customer can independently develop the system and adjust the work scenarios.
The cost of equipping the facility has been reduced by integrating systems and using the existing infrastructure.
Automated decision-making for typical situations.
Centralized management of equipment from different manufacturers.
Reduces the negative impact of the “human factor” – simplification of the operator’s work with incoming information.