Controller for access control and alarm systems


Car license plate recognition controller


Peripheral controller


Controller for fire and burglar alarm


The central controller that determines the functionality, the logic of the operation and the stability of the operation of access control systems and burglar alarms.



The controller is a universal software and hardware platform that allows solving a wide range of tasks in the field of object security and dispatching of engineering systems.

Motor transport checkpoints

  • Implementation of complex vehicle skip algorithms;
  • Effective work with various groups of rights;
  • High informativity for the needs of the ACS.

Object access control systems

  • Global anti-spam;
  • Control of the entire ACS as a single controller;
  • Personification of any actions in the system.

Building Management Systems

  • Configuring any management and interaction scenarios for subsystems;
  • Easy integration and management.

Pedestrian crossing points

  • Multi-shift and sliding access schedules;
  • Flexible event processing scenarios;
  • Fixing the facts of the real passage through the checkpoint.

Security and alarm systems

  • Implementation of complex arming / disarming algorithms;
  • Organization of interaction with other subsystems.

Diagnostic systems of equipment in transport

  • The ability to completely re-configure the platform for transport diagnostics tasks.


  • Advanced networking and high reliability;
  • Autonomy of work;
  • Flexible algorithms with branching and cycles, allowing to take into account various tasks and operating conditions;
  • Personification of any actions to manage the system;
  • System of configurable commands;
  • High scalability of solutions based on PCE;
  • Widely distributed interfaces;
  • Integration of equipment from different manufacturers.


  • Construction of access control and access control systems (ACS) and security alarm system (SOS) at a large territorially distributed facility;
  • Implementation on the basis of a single hardware console of various security posts, regardless of the scale of the tasks (local security post or single dispatch center);
  • Realization of authorized access through multistage work schedules for employees;
  • Passage through the CPR of an employee who was not called into his work shift;
  • Control of taking under the protection of premises when leaving the facility;
  • PCE work together with readers of government vehicle numbers;
  • Automatic photographing of a car and entering a photo into a database;
  • Actual fact of crossing the checkpoint by car, driver and passengers;
  • Complex algorithms of the ACS of the transport checkpoint;
  • Global prohibition of repeated passage and global zoning of the facility;
  • Automatic change of access algorithms when the degree of threat to the object is changed.
Number of card users 100,000
Number of access levels 65,500
Length of the code (including text), formats up to 120 bits, including iClass, Mifare, Indala
Support for multi-shift and sliding work schedules up to 20,000 schedules with or without any period
Support for holidays and special days 255 types
Support for the door lock mode Implemented (2, 3 or more doors)
Number of access points per controller up to 64
Accuracy of event registration time 1 second
Global antipassback Implemented
Using a car number as an identifier Implemented
Personalization of teams Implemented
Work with elevators Implemented
Fixing the fact of a real passage / passage through an access point Implemented
Autonomous work with the event log Implemented
Hardware integration with security alarm system (OTS) Implemented
Number of loops controlled by the controller 10,00
The number of hardware receiving desks 1,000
Number of cards (passwords) 100,000
Grouping loops into groups (sections) 20,000
Possibility of setting / deleting different sections using one card Numbering of guard objects (sections) according to the numbering of the explication Size of the event log Implemented (up to 9 digits) 100 000
Accuracy of event registration time 1 second
Management of setting / withdrawal with access cards or personal code Number of access levels (on setting / withdrawal) Implemented
Hardware integration with the CCS system 10,000


Interface for peripheral controllers 2xRS232 / 422/485, 4xRS232 TCP / IP, 1×1 Gbit / s.
Network Protocol – 50 Hz 220 V / = 128
Supply voltage not less than 20,000 hours
Mean time between failures not less than 8 years
Average service life 134h95h43
Overall dimensions, mm (width, depth, height) 4
Weight without connecting cables, kg -20 to +60
Operating temperature range, 0 С At least 1,000,000 events of at least 200
Non-volatile memory buffer 500
Maximum number of network controllers 1,000
Maximum number of connected drivers of different types
Maximum number of connected nodes (network devices)
Maximum number of inputs / outputs / consoles / displays Mounting
10 000 (for each type) VESA 75 / DIN-peake
Parameters may vary depending on the controller model