SPR Holding manages a portfolio of international investment across the EU territory. The team of the company has an extensive contact network in various industries and enjoys a good reputation among shareholders of companies from over 10 countries.

In 2015, the company annual meeting decided to enter the market for integrated company security systems. The grounds for the new investment guideline were based on sustained data for the growth of demand for quality products in the security sector.
As part of the decision, the software kernel of one of the leading security software was purchased and a team of leading Bulgarian programmers and developers was involved in its processing and upgrading. 18 months later, the first ESM / Enterprise Security Management / platforms were introduced across the EU territory.

The high efficiency of ESM is achieved through a number of set algorithms of the most modern type, including automatic face recognition, subject tracking, action protocols, automatic firewall notification, etc. The platform minimizes the human factor and achieves functionality beyond the other systems capabilities.
Today ESM is used in hundreds of key public and infrastructure projects, including:

  • Central Society of Mutual Credit Bank – Russia
  • Severgasbank – Russia
  • Military field bank – Russia
  • Moscow Petroleum Factory
  • Slavneft Oil-processing plant – Yaroslavnefteorgesantes
  • Kirichinefteorgesantes refinery
  • Gazpromneft

The product is continuously maintained and upgraded to ensure its sustained leadership
position among leading security systems.